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DevOps is an ITSM framework that defines the mindset, culture, and philosophy of working on an IT project as a collaboration among developers, operations, and QA teams.


Site reliability engineering (SRE) fuses the software engineering and operations disciplines. The SRE role enables collaboration and information sharing between Dev and Ops departments for additional specific objectives.

Cloud Engineer

Cloud Engineers use their expertise to decide on which services to adopt and which to avoid (and why), and establish the best practices for software engineering too, quite like DevOps and SREs.


Concordia University Montreal, Canada

Electrical and Computer Engineering

January 2019 - December 2020

Relevant Courses
Cloud ProgrammingSoftware Engineering Genetic and Evolutionary AlgorithmsModel Driven Software EngineeringAdvanced Computer ArchitectureMicroprocessors and Their ApplicationsMedical Image Processing

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AWS - Inanutshell (Store.Listen.Learn) Project

“InaNutshell” is an easy-to-use web service and one-stop access to the store, listen and learn the information from personal documents. Different types of documents (such as pdf, txt) can be stored and users can learn the information through concise summaries provided for each document. The summaries are presented as audio clips so that users can consume information on the go. Additionally, Amazon Alexa skill has been implemented so that users can listen to the audio clips through voice commands.

AWSHTMLCSSJavaScriptDjangoMongoDBPythonREST APIAmazon Alexa

Keptn Full Tour on Dynatrace

To understand keptn, I installed it on a Kubernetes cluster, along with Istio for traffic routing and ingress control. I used keptn as the control plane for continuous delivery and automated operations. Deployed my microservice with blue/green deployments and set up quality gates to prevent bad builds to reach production. Istio as the ingress and service mesh within the cluster for traffic routing between blue/green versions of our services. Unleash as a feature toggle framework that is connected to keptn to toggle feature based on monitoring data.


CI/CD and IAC on EKS Clusters with Azure Devops and Terraform

I used DevOps with Kubernetes using Terraform (Infrastructure as Code) and Azure DevOps (Continuous Delivery) on multiple cloud platforms (AWS and Azure). I learned the basics of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery and implemented them using Azure DevOps. I learned to create Kubernetes Clusters and deployed Docker Containers of Microservices to Kubernetes using Azure DevOps Pipelines on the Cloud with AWS EKS and Azure AKS.

Azure DevopsEKSAKSTerraformDocker

Cloud Formation Templates for Deploying Fargate

I have written cloud formation templates for deploying ECS fargate in custom VPC on a public subnet. I have divided templates into Network and Fargate Service Stacks. Network parent stack for creates a custom VPC, ECS cluster, Roles, ALB and to export these as output for others stacks. Fargate Service Stack creates Input parameters, Task definitions, load balancer target group, load balancer rule, and ECS service.

AWSECSFargateCloud Formation

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