AWS Cloud Project - Inanutshell :

InaNutshell” is an easy-to-use web service and one-stop access to the store, listen and learn the information from personal documents.


  • Different types of documents (such as pdf, txt) can be stored and users can learn the information through concise summaries provided for each document.
  • The summaries are presented as audio clips so that users can consume information on the go.
  • Additionally, Amazon Alexa skill has been implemented so that users can listen to the audio clips through voice commands.
  • The web application with these functionalities is realized using a variety of tools provided by the cloud platform AWS and REST API services.
  • For developing the front end of the applications, web technologies HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are used.
  • The back end was built using the python-based Django web framework and NoSQL MongoDB.

  • 🎞️Recorded demos of the Web Service: Website Demo | Alexa Demo

  • 📎Website Link:

  • 🗂️GitHub link:

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